Thailand’s (Ladyboy) Cabaret Show

I think when we are talking about Thailand's culture, the ladyboys will be something that we can not miss. There are few transvestite cabaret shows both in Bangkok and Pattaya that you could pick from, e.g. Mambo, Calypso, and Playhouse in Bangkok. In Pattaya, there's Tiffany, Colosseum, and Alcazar. Then Phuket has the Simon Cabaret. These type of shows are mostly geared … Continue reading Thailand’s (Ladyboy) Cabaret Show


Food Poisoning at Bangkok’s Wang Lang Market

I could be quite adventurous at times, especially when it comes to food. I would like to taste everything once at least. And street food is a big thing for me. Fortunately, I'm blessed with a strong stomach. That is until I came to Wang Lang... Wang Lang is not all about food market, because … Continue reading Food Poisoning at Bangkok’s Wang Lang Market

Where I’ve been so far…

Comparing myself to the other globe-trotting out there,  I'm still a baby traveler. My green passport said that I've been to ten countries, but I actually only been to nine. That one additional country was only for a layover flight. So I can not really count it to be fair, right?