Paris 2018 – Let the Countdown Begin!

I feel giddy, excited and my heartbeat is still racing – I just booked my flight to PARIS!

I finally did it! I’m not even sure that I’m seriously going to Paris until I hit the submit button for my credit card to buy the tickets! It will be 5 days affair in March 2018.

1I sorted out the big two pieces: flights and accommodation. Booked an apartment in 10 arrondissements through Airbnb. There are tons of things to do next, but at least I have 175 days to do it all.

To Do List:

  • Applying for Schengen visa in December
  • Itinerary – very open to suggestions! I’m planning to visit the museums, parks, and chic Parisian cafes.
  • ???

I can’t wait for it!!! SO EXCITED

#speechless #dontknowwhattotype


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