Thailand’s (Ladyboy) Cabaret Show

I think when we are talking about Thailand’s culture, the ladyboys will be something that we can not miss. There are few transvestite cabaret shows both in Bangkok and Pattaya that you could pick from, e.g. Mambo, Calypso, and Playhouse in Bangkok. In Pattaya, there’s TiffanyColosseum, and Alcazar. Then Phuket has the Simon Cabaret.

source: Calypso Cabaret

These type of shows are mostly geared up for the tourists. Even though it could be too touristy in a sense, I still feel that it was interesting to watch. The show run for a little more than an hour. Usually, the ticket includes your welcome drink. They can also arrange for a pick up with an extra cost. So you arrive at the scene, get your welcome drink, enjoy the show for about 60-75 minutes. Then after the show is over, the ladyboys will line up to bid you farewell… Not really. It’s souvenir time! Go and take some pictures together with these ladies(boys). It is free, but tips are very much welcome 😉

source: Alcazar Cabaret

I recommend to book your ticket online. Go show could be risky considering they usually will have a full house.

I went to Alcazar years ago in Pattaya and recently I watched the Calypso cabaret that located at Asiatique in Bangkok. They said that this is the new Calypso, and the veterans said that the old one was better. I could not vouch for the other cabaret shows, but between these two performances, I found the Alcazar cabaret to be more interesting. I enjoyed watching their whole performance and one hour flew quickly. While in Calypso, I feel that the show was rather stretched. Few friends even said that they felt the show was too long! It was only an hour, which runs as long as Alcazar. Well, time is always a relative thing, isn’t it?

source: Alcazar Cabaret

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