Food Poisoning at Bangkok’s Wang Lang Market

I could be quite adventurous at times, especially when it comes to food. I would like to taste everything once at least. And street food is a big thing for me. Fortunately, I’m blessed with a strong stomach. That is until I came to Wang Lang…

Wang Lang is not all about food market, because they also have the clothing stalls here. The local is the main visitors here. So there are not so many tourists on the market.

The easiest route to get here is by the river boat. Take one of the river boats and stop at pier no. 10 – The Wang Lang. I think all the river boat’s lines will actually make a stop at this pier, just double check with the boatman before you go onboard. Just as you stepped out from the pier, the Wang Lang market is right infront of you. 

The alley is rather narrow and could be really crowded, especially during the lunch time. Mostly I was only window shopping here. Got the fried rice with crab for the big lunch and then tried few local snacks that I haven’t seen before in any place else. 

Mak muang ped or dried mango sheet (yummy!). I regretted that I only bought one bag to bring home. I should have bought more. It was 20 Baht each.

dried mango sheet
Dried mango sheet

Miang kham that is some vegetarian snack with seven condiments wrapped in betel leaf coated in plum sauce that stick in skewer of two (yuck!)

Miang kham in plastic bag (avoid this stuff!). Source: Wikipedia
Miang kham in plastic bag (avoid this stuff!) Source: Wikipedia (

I probably spent around two hours here, before the heat really got to me. In the end, I yielded and took another boat ride home. All the while, I was thinking that I can not wait to surrender to my air con room and later take a dip in the swimming pool. 

All plan for the afternoon swim went to the drain as I was starting to feel nauseous on the boat ride home. I suspected that the miang kham is the culprit! Because I started to feel bad right after I ate the second piece. But maybe it was not entirely the food that got to be blamed. It was more the combination of the food, the heat, and the boat ride that set all the quisiness in my stomach. The temperature was 35 degrees Celcius when I checked later. Plus, I already got the headache from the beginning. So I got really sick once I got back to my place. Spent all the afternoon to sleep in, recovering, and being thankful of my air conditioner. 

It was not a good experience, think this was the first time it happened to me – food poisoning. Still not sure if it’s really the food because I think it the deymn heat also held responsible. 

Bangkok is so HOT, man!


Update to this post,  my stomach still not a 100% after two days. So yeah, I think it’s definitely a food poisoning. 


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