Bangkok’s New Rod Fai Ratchada Night Market

I just got back from the night market and I can not wait to blog about it (could you sense how excited I am already?)

Bangkok is a street food heaven in case if you don’t know it yet. The reason I kept coming back to the Chatuchak weekend market whenever I came to this city of angels was none other than the local food. Well, nonsense if the shopping ritual was discounted from the visit there of course, but now, I found a new street food heaven in the name of the new Rod Fai Ratchada night market!

New Rod Fai Ratchada night market
New Rod Fai Ratchada night market

These colorful tents caught my eyes when I surfed the internet looking for new places that I haven’t visited in Bangkok. It’s a train night market or Fad Roi as I found out. I think, originally the market is for antique stuffs like the one in the Chatuchak market (but turns out it was only for the original train market), but of course they mix it with the food stalls and some shops. There are few bars too. I’m done, I was totally convinced there and then that I really have to make my way here when I come. Fast forward to now, I think I made the best decision and very happy that I did it.

The one that I visited was the new one. Location wise, people said that it was easier to reach compare to the original train market in Srinakarin. And it is easy to find it. From the MRT Thailand Cultural Center take exit 3, then look for the Esplanade shopping mall. Follow the pedestrian walk and turn left just around the corner across from the mall and keep walking until you see this sign

Talat Rod Fai = Train Night Market

And the food galore begin….

Cheese Larva
All kinds of beers
Black Spaghetti Salmon with Lime
Grilled Scallop Cheese
Grilled Scallop Cheese's stalls
Grilled Scallop Cheese’s stalls
Rod’s Antique Bar

And some shops…

This easily becomes my favorite night market above all in Bangkok. From a quick search it says that the market is open from Thursday to Sunday. I came around 6 pm on Sunday and some stalls were still not ready to serve or the sellers were still preparing their stalls. Business come fully alive after sunsets and the market is open until midnight.


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