Stranded in the Kuala Lumpur’s Airport

It’s 1:06 am now and here I am stranded in the KLIA airport, Kuala Lumpur -waiting for my connecting flight going to Osaka. It’s not my first time spending a night in the airport, but the thing is, I didn’t know that I’ll be spending my night here. I could probably wear another layer here as a cover from the chilly airport’s aircon if I have a crystal ball… The first time it happened, it was by conscious choice, but even then I was only wearing a shirt, which was pure rookie mistake!

I was in Singapore’s airport at that time, waiting for my connecting flight to Hong Kong. Traveling backpacker style, I thought I gotta try what it’s like sleeping in the airport at least once. Plus, Singapore’s airport sounds sleepers friendly from what I’ve read. What I read turns out to be misleading… I couldn’t find a comfortable place to sleep between its three terminals (the fourth terminal hadn’t been built that time). In the end, I was groggy the whole morning from lack of sleep and as soon as I landed in Hong Kong that afternoon, I passed out. It cost me my first day in Hong Kong since all I did was catching up on my sleep. Totally not worth it.

Which brought me to the current situation…

I booked Sama Sama Express at the KLIA 2, thinking that it was the best option for me to spend the night during my layover instead of just sitting around the airport for eight hours. The only problem is that I didn’t read all the prints on my hotel reservation.

It says, “Please ensure you check through your baggage to your next destination if you are on transit, …

First, I can’t check through, because I bought my tickets separately. Second, the airline’s policy won’t let their passengers drop the baggage more than four hours prior departure time. Third, once I go through the immigration checkpoint, I can’t go back. The hotel location is beyond the immigration checkpoint and I can’t pass the immigration without dropping my baggage first… So here I am stuck in the departure hall *facepalms*

closed baggge drop counter

Closed baggage drop counter

The difference between Singapore’s airport and KLIA 2, there are a lot of people who are sitting or laying around with a proper blanket and all here. A type of crowd that I didn’t find in Singapore’s airport halls.

people sleeping in the airport

Professional airport’s sleepers

Few 24 hours restaurants in the arrival hall are all on a full house. Leave me wondering why Starbucks doesn’t open for 24 hours here? I thought coffee is essential for the nightlife at the airport?

Starbucks is closed

No Starbucks

Lesson learned: read everything that was printed on the hotel reservation’s paper. And for Sama Sama Express’ future guests, please do check through your baggage (if any).

What will you do if you find yourself accidentally have to spend a night in the airport?


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